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Men 30-39: Who do you think deserves to be No. 1?

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Mark Feehily from Westlife

Stephen Amell

D.O.B.:8 May 1981
Famous for . . . Star of ‘Arrow’. Stephen was born in Toronto, Ontario. Unfortunately (LOL), Stephen is married (to actress and model Cassandra Jean. What else can you say about Stephen? He must have the most perfectly angular face I think I’ve ever seen! It was only a matter of time before someone THIS good-looking got a starring role in a TV Show or Movie. I hope he’s in the Justice League movie with Henry Cavill! WOW! How do you choose whom to look at?!
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Rank: 2

Mark Feehily from Westlife

Mark Feehily

D.O.B.:28 May 1980
Famous for . . . Being in Westlife—the Record-Shattering Irish Band: the only act to reach No.1 with their first seven releases (all entered at No.1); the first UK-based act to amass four No.1s in a year; and the only act to ever enter at No.1 FOURTEEN times.
With his Irish good looks (especially his black hair and blue eyes), Mark caught everyone’s attention as Westlife’s videos (specifically ‘Flying without Wings’) started dominating the airwaves. He is arguably the most popular member of Westlife (approximately 60% of people who join Westlife’s FanListing cite Mark as their favorite), and it’s easy to see why. He continues to get better and better looking the older he gets, as he becomes more rugged, sculptured, and manly.
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Rank: 3

Jason Brown (J) 5ive

Jason Brown (J) 5ive

D.O.B.: 13 June 1976

Famous for . . . Being in 5ive; the ‘Boy Band’ that it was OK—even cool—to like.

With his model good looks, it’s not difficult to guess why J was selected from thousands of guys to be in one of the coolest groups in recent memory: 5ive. After a string of Top 10 Hits, the band split (nor for lack of popularity) to spend more time with their families.

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Rank: 4

Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson

D.O.B.: 12 July 12 1975

Famous for . . . Glee, 30 Rock, Broadway, Singer/Songwriter . . . all-round ‘Triple-threat’.

OK, so he can act, write, sing, perform AND he’s absolutely stunning. Life’s fair, LOL.
Cheyenne has played in many prominent theater roles, both on Broadway and off-Broadway. His first Broadway leading role in All Shook Up earned him a Theater World Award for “Outstanding Broadway Debut“. Additionally, on the New York stage he has starred in many shows, including Xanadu.

He has also appeared in a number of films, including portraying Mark Bingham in the 2006 Academy-Award-nominated United 93, which earned him the Boston Society of Film Critics’ 2006 award for “Best Ensemble Cast“. Cheyenne’s appearances on TV include NBC’s 30 Rock and Fox’s Glee .

In concert, he has sold out Carnegie Hall twice: “The Power of Two” in 2010 and “Music of the Mad Men Era” in 2011.

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Rank: 5

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

D.O.B.: 13 June 1981
Famous for . . . Captain America, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Not Another Teen Movie, and Cellular
Chris, who grew up in Boston, decided (in high school) that he wanted to pursue acting. The summer after his junior year, he went to New York where he interned at a casting office and took a summer acting program. An agent he met that summer later helped him get his start after he finished high school. He had bit parts on various TV dramas like “Boston Public” (2000) before scoring major feature film roles.
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  1. All of them I like but damn Mr Feehily is on top

  2. no doubt…. mark is the best… he deserve to be number 1….

  3. Mark feehily the first good looking man in the world!!

  4. mark feehily the best ….

  5. Mark Feehily definitely gets my vote. He’s the hottest of them all!

  6. Marky is always No.1 in my heart!

  7. MArk Feehily will be the bet loking men ever!

  8. Just my marky good looking man in da world 🙂

  9. Mark Feehily is the most handsome. He should be the top one . He deserve it .

  10. OMG !! mark i knew it…he’s the best one guyss…’re so gorgeous mark………………

  11. Mark is by far the sexiest guy on here. His dark hair & Blue eyes are gorjus. He wears his Heart on his sleeve. I LUV YA MARK…..

  12. Mark Feehily is the most handsome man in the world!!!

  13. mark is the best.

  14. I’ve had a huge crush on Mark since I became a Weslife fan. He is so hot and sexy, without being too pretty. Some of the other guys on here are too pretty, they would be unapproachable for most of us. Plus he is gay which is fabulous for all of the gay men in the world

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