Best-Looking Men: 50+

Rank: 1

Ben Browder

Ben Browder

D.O.B.:11 December 1962

Famous for . . . Farscape, Stargate SG-1

Ben Browder first came to fame as “Sam” on the series “Party of Five”. In 1999, Jim Henson productions teamed with the SciFi channel to produce “Farscape” (1999), where Browder was cast to play the main character, American astronaut John Crichton. It was Farscape that brought Ben to my attention, and I have to say that I think he’s the Best-Looking Man EVER.
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Rank: 2

Corey Hart

Corey Hart


31 May 1962

Famous for . . . Sunglasses at Night

Corey first came to my (and everyone’s else’s attention) with the release of Sunglasses at Night. With his movie-star good looks, Steven Speilberg wanted to cast him in Back to the Future, but Corey turned the role down to continue pursuing his music. Although he continued to have success, one can’t help but wonder where his career would have gone had he taken the plunge into acting.

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Rank: 3

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

D.O.B.: 13 July 1942

Famous for . . . Star Wars, Indiana Jones . . . need I say more?

Harrison Ford became a worldwide phenomenon when Star Wars was released. With his roguish, rugged good looks, he had the world at his feet. He went on to cement his place in history by appearing in more of the world’s Top 20 grossing films of all time than any other star. He is now a legend, who remains handsome even in his 60s!

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Rank: 4

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

D.O.B.: 3 January 1956

Famous for . . . Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, etc

Mel Gibson started out in low-budget Australian movies, but soon came to the world’s attention in Mad Max. Lethal Weapon sealed his status as a top-grossing movie star, and he is now in the $20-million-dollar-per-movie league.

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Rank: 5

Paul Newman

Paul Newman

D.O.B.: 26 January 1925

Famous for . . . Being a Legendary Actor

Although Paul Newman’s acting career didn’t really take off until he was 30, once he was noticed, there was no turning back. His career has spanned nearly 50 years (yes, he’ll be 80 in January 2005!), and he’s now become a Hollywood icon. Even in his 70s, he’s an exceptionally handsome man. Is he the Best-Looking Hollywood Male star ever? Some may argue over that, but to me, he’s well-deserving of his position on this list!

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