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Iman Supermodel


D.O.B.: 25 July 1955

Famous for . . . Supermodel, actress, pop-star wife, entrepreneur, and socially-conscious activist

About: Iman Abdulmajid was born in Mogadishu, Somalia. She was discovered at University by Peter Beard. Instantly entranced, he begged her to come to New York. After some initial skepticism, Iman agreed and instantly made an impact on the global fashion scene. In 1979, Iman made history as the first African woman to appear on the cover of Vogue. Soon afterwards she made more history when she became the first woman of color to sign a cosmetics contract. She became as big a star as a model could become in that era, and quickly turned her attention to film, including No Way Out with Kevin Costner and Star Trek VI. Iman launched her own line of cosmetics, married David Bowie (with whom she is still together), and now works hard to make sure that she can use her celebrity to help the underprivileged. Iman is certainly one of the most beautiful women on Earth, but by conquering such diverse challenges as modeling, acting, raising a family, and fighting for a better world, she has made herself one of the most respected too.

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Rank: 2

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer

D.O.B.:29 April 1958

Famous for . . . Being one of the greatest actresses EVER

About: What CAN’T you say about Michelle? She’s one of those people who has it all: Beauty, Style, a genius for a husband, children, and she’s one of Hollywood’s biggest female actors. Suffice to say that with Michelle’s amazing cheek-bones, luscious lips, and striking features, she’s as close to being Number One as you can get! Only a supermodel could knock her off . . .

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Rank: 3

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger

D.O.B.:08 December 1953

Famous for . . . Model, Oscar-Winning Actress . . .

About: The Ford Modeling Agency signed Kim at 16, and by 20, she was a top model earning $1k a day. Throughout the 70s, she appeared on dozens of magazine covers and in 100s of ads. Kim then studied acting and moved to L.A. where she appeared on several TV shows. In 1983, she became ‘the Bond Girl’ and followed this with other movies (most notably My Stepmother Is an Alien). However, it was Batman that brought her to everyone’s attention. A superb performance in Final Analysis followed, and she continued acting, although she took a break to look after her daugther, Ireland. Kim returned to acting with L.A. Confidential, for which she won the Oscar. She then secured a $5M salary for I Dreamed of Africa (2000)—putting her in the category of big-name movie stars. No doubt there are still many great things ahead, in the career of cover girl turned Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger.

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Rank: 4

Belinda Carlisle

Belinda Carlisle

D.O.B.: 17 August 1958

Famous for . . . Go Go’s and for being one of the most successful and popular singers of the late 80s & early 90s.

About: Belinda’s fame began with the Go Go’s, but it seemed as though she went relatively unnoticed until she resurfaced with her solo career, which began with Mad about You but went nova with Heaven Is a Place on Earth. She may be remembered for that song, but her 1989 album Runaway Horses was a multi-platinum hit that spawned no less than six singles. In total, she’s had 23 hit singles in the U.K. alone! On the ‘beauty’ note, will anyone ever forget Belinda’s cheekbones in Heaven Is a Place on Earth (or any other video or picture for that matter!).

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Rank: 5

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

D.O.B.:01 June 1926

Famous for . . . The most celebrated of all actresses

About: Marilyn Monroe had a turbulent childhood and a teenage marriage that didn’t last, but after she began to model, she was signed by Fox. Her first film was in 1947, but when Fox didn’t renew her contract, she returned to modeling and began to attend acting school. After several movies for several studios, Marilyn got a fairly sizable role in Love Nest (1951). The public was now getting to know Marilyn and was enthralled with her. She appeared oblivious to the sexual aura she exuded. After appearing in Monkey Business as a platinum blonde, a legend was born. Eventually, Marilyn’s career began to slow down due to her notorious absences from sets. She then went into seclusion, and on August 5, 1962, her housekeeper found her dead. She was only 36. Marilyn made only 30 films in her lifetime, but her legendary status and mysticism will remain with film history forever.

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