The Artwork of OverPower:

Spider-Man: Over the EdgeWhen OverPower was 1st released, my initial interest in it was that it contained heroes from the Marvel Universe, who you could ‘be’ in an exciting role-playing card game. I was instantly hooked by the ‘collectability’ of the cards and the dynamic combinations available in its gameplay. Then PowerSurge was released. Not only were there more cool characters to add to my deck, the artwork took a quantum leap from nice to Extraordinary! These cards were beautifully digitally enhanced—the quality of the artwork transformed these cards into works of art—some of them could easily be framed. To this day, my favorite drawing EVER remains the ‘Domino‘ Hero card from PowerSurge.

Following PowerSurge came a smaller Expansion Set: Mission Control. Again, the artwork was superb. Unfortunately, this was short-lived . . . with the exception of the ‘Onslaught‘ OverPower cards included in ‘Onslaught’ comics and cards, the digital enhancement all but ceased with next OverPower release: I.Q. (only the Hero cards remained such). Overall, the artistry declined from Kubert-style to primary-school level! There were some nice cards in each set, but none ever achieved the level of PowerSurge/Mission Control.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure 😉 I’ve scanned the ‘cream of the crop’ from each Set and have devoted a page to each Set, starting with (of course) PowerSurge.

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